Best Portable Solar Power Bank With LED Indicators
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Best Portable Solar Power Bank with LED Indicators and 25000mAH Battery Power Bank. This portable solar power bank comes with dual LED lights. Yes, you read it correct, Dual LEDs along with 25000mAH Battery. Also this portable power bank can be charged with power adapter also and obviously through solar energy.Perfect companion for hiking, travelling, tour, trips and travel. 

Solar Power Bank can be charged in two ways and has separate indicators for both. So if you are charging via1 9V batteries (included) the blue light comes up on the power bank and when your are charging with solar panel, the green light comes up on the power bank.

The Portable Solar Power Bank has 2 USB ports that can charge two devices at the same time. So this makes this device the best companion for outdoors.

Best Portable Solar Power Bank With LED

The 2 port USB power portable power bank uses ABS environmental friendly material which also looks very stylish and decent at the same time. Built in dual LED lights provides you powerful lighting function which helps you in camping or trekking or other outdoor activities. And therefore another reason which makes this as the Best Solar Power Bank for Mobile.

This solar charger, portable power solar bank is the is the best in class product which can charge your iPhone for 7 times almost, Galaxy S9 Plus around 5 times on full charging.

NOTE : Being a 25000mAh high-capacity solar charger, needs high-current input. DC5V/1A is not enough to input this power bank normally, it will be more than 3 times slower. Therefore, it is required to use DC5V/2A adapter

Best Portable Solar Power Bank With LED
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This Eignet High Capacity 25000mAh Solar Power Bank for Trekking, Hiking, Tour, Travel, Trips (Orange) meets all your requirements. This power bank has become the must have device while going outside for trekking, camping or any other outdoor activity. With dual LEDs, this portable solar charge power bank provides huge amount of light which is really helpful. And with 2 USB ports, it makes easier to charge multiple phones or devices at the same time.

Specifications : 

1. Item Weight is 599 gms.
2. Product Dimensions : 19 x 10 x 2.5 cm
3. 1 9V batteries required. (included)

Package Information : 

1. 1 X Best Portable Solar Power Bank with 2 USB Ports and Dual LED lights
2. 1 X User Manual
3. 1 X Battery

FEATURES : Best Portable Solar Power Bank with 25000mAH Battery

1. Comes with 2 USB Ports.
2. Dual LED Lights : The best companion for outdoor activities.
3. 25000 mAH Battery.
4. Compatible with iOS and Android.
5. Dust and Splash Proof.
6. Widely Applicable.
7. Two Charging Method.

8. IPX 6 Waterproof.


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