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Top 5 Gym Shaker bottles

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Gym goers are always looking for the best sports sippers and shakers. Although you may think that it is not that important, it surely is. The mixing balls and the brand of the sippers and shakers have an essential role to play. These shakers are meant to ensure that the supplements mix well with each other.

The classic loop-top is something all gym goers have trusted over the years. Also, you will need to look into a lot of other factors, such as the leak-proof lip. So, even when you're keeping the shaker in your gym bag, you wouldn't need to be worried about any leaking. Most of the shakers come with a handle to ensure that one can hold it properly. So, it is totally up to you to determine whether you need the handle or not.

Regular exercise has become an important part of our daily life. People who want to go into competitions usually take supplements as well. Although the protein scoop recommendation varies on gender, one and a half spoon of protein is the general suggestion. Now when you're using the shaker to prepare your pre-workout and post-workout shakes, you need to ensure that you choose something that can mix it properly. Any supper that doesn't meet your requirements shouldn't be bought. Because what is the point of spending on something that won't yield you the best results?

Well, if you have been confused for a long time and are looking for the potential sippers and shakers to be carried into your gym, let us help you with it.

Gym shaker Product List

1. Boldfit Gym Shaker Pro Cyclone Shaker 500ml with Extra Compartment, 100% Leakproof Guarantee, Ideal for Protein, Preworkout and BCAAs, BPA Free Material …

One of the best qualities of this shaker is that it has a lean look and prevents all kinds of dripping. The leakage-free aspect has an ultra-tight screw lid. It comes with a flip flop lock that helps you measure the required amount. The 500ml cyclone shaker is specially designed to meet your workout requirements.

The Boldfit Pro Cyclone Shaker comes with a tornado mixer that provides mixing extremely easy. You wouldn't need to fuss yourself with blending. All you need to do is put in everything you need and switch it on; the rest would be done by the blending blade. One of the most significant benefits of the Boldfit Pro Cyclone Shaker is that it comes with an extra compartment that helps you store things like powder, supplements, and mixes. It is completely toxin-free and made of high-quality materials. Needless to say, this easy to clean shaker is wholly environment-friendly and can be cleaned in the dishwasher as well.

  • Environment-friendly

  • Leakage free

  • Extra compartment

  • No pungent smell

  • Spilling is common

2. Strauss Spider Shaker Bottle,500ml

If you want to bring a healthy balance of the mind and body, then Strauss spider Shaker bottle is something you should be using. It is packed with different features that make it extremely popular among the customers. The sleek look makes it appear extremely attractive and trendy.

It has a blender wire, which ensures that all the supplements are mixed in thoroughly. The Strauss Spider Shaker bottle is mixed with several features such as leak-proof caps (preventing spillage), multiple compartments (helping you store different items), and more. Being lightweight, you can easily carry the shaker bottle anywhere you want. It is extremely safe to use and environment-friendly as it is free from BPA. It is microwave and freezer safe. So, you can store it at different temperatures. Needless to say, it is spacious and a dishwasher safe shaker bottle.

  • Leakage Proof

  • Freezer and Microwave Safe

  • Non-toxic

  • Cannot be mounted

3. OxOFit Gym Smart Shaker Bottle 100% Leakproof Water Bottle with Two Compartments, Carrying Loop and Stainless Steel Shaker Ball, Ideal for Protein Shake, Gym Workout, Running, Preworkout and BCAAs, BPA Free Material (Grey 500 ml)

If you are looking for a premium sports and gym shaker bottle that can suit workout regimens of different types such as running, pre-workout, post-workout and more, then OxOFit Gym Smart Shaker Bottle is the most affordable option available to you. The slender cylinder-like look provides a comfortable blending blade, thereby allowing you to create a consistent and fresh blade. It comes with a faster blend and ensures proper body absorption.

One of the best benefits of this shaker is it is portable and has a leak-proof cap. The shaker being user-friendly with a tight lid can be easily carried in your gym bag. You may use it with or without the interlocking jars. The shaker bottles have a handle so that you can carry it easily. The flip flop lock allows you to open and quickly close it. It also has a measuring scale so you can keep a check on it. It is free of toxins too.

  • Flip flop lock

  • Tight screw lid

  • Free of toxins

  • Attractive

  • No spring blending ball

4. Amazon Brand - Solimo Sports Water Bottles, 470 ml, Set of 2 (Grey, Red)

If you want a simple, toxin-free water bottle to carry your gym protein shake, then Solimo has the best products to offer. The set of 2 bottles is made of food-grade polycarbonate that comes with a push-button. The secure locking mechanism prevents spilling.

It can be easily gripped and has a string handle. As a result, you can easily hang it around your bag. Unlike other bottles, it is completely odor-resistant and does not have any bad smell. The 470 ml bottles can hold both hold and cold water. Like most of the shakers, it is completely dishwasher and freezer safe.

  • Free of toxic grade plastic

  • String handle for a tight grip

  • Odor resistant

  • Cannot hold extremely hot liquids

  • No blender

5. Apex Protein Shaker Bottle for Gym BPA Free 100% Leak-Proof Design Embossed Measurement Scale; Comes with 2 Extra Compartment Storage and Wire Blender Ball Mixer for Whey & BCAA; 600 ml

The Apex Shaker Bottles are extremely easy to clean products and are free from BPA and other toxic grade plastics. It is made of PCTG material that can withstand higher temperatures and maintains the sturdiness of the little. The Apex Shaker Bottles comes with a wire mixer ball that provides the consistent blending option for free lumps to ensure smooth and fine blend.

The measurement scale is embossed on the transparent bottle so you can check both milliliters and ounces. Unlike any other general bottle, the shaker markings won't fade away anytime soon. The half-twist lock provides complete protection against leakage. It has a three-layer compartment so that you can store your BCAA and whey protein for later use.

  • 3-layer compartment

  • Easy to Clean

  • Consistent blending

  • Twisted cap design prevents leakage

  • The odor may stay for some time.

These gym shaker bottles are one of the most efficient choices you can ever make. You need to ensure that you check thoroughly and choose something that suits you the best.

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